Windows Design - Customize Desktop

Decorating the desktop interface is a creative process. It involves changing elements of the operating system. You might like a dark style, while your friend likes a light style. Or you prefer minimalistic icons, while your girlfriend likes icons with cats and hearts. Saying that, we mean that everyone tries to choose the visual style of his/her choice and gets a unique result. Not only beautiful, but also easy to use. On our site you will find files and programs for Windows design. We offer a collection of modern themes that allow you to change the appearance of windows. Sets of icons, cursors and START buttons. In addition, author skins and video wallpaper designed to animate the screen.

Perfectionists may want a welcome and boot screens that will decorate your computer when starting the operating system and logging into your Windows account. To change the standby mode - when your desktop is idle - screensavers can help. If you can't find the right option among the free content, you can always download a premium design in the corresponding section.
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