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Operating system interface personalization

Personalization interface is a lengthy creative process for decorating the desktop. It includes changing any of the elements of your operating system. After all, oddly enough, all of us are distinguished not only by appearance or characteristics, but also by personal preferences. In the interface, as in other areas, preference is extremely important. For example, you might like the dark theme for Windows 10, but your friend likes the light one. Or you prefer the standard Windows icons, and your girlfriend loves icons with cats and hearts. This result implies that everyone tries to choose the elements of their choice and the result is a unique interface. Not only beautiful, but also easy to use. On our site you can download any files or programs for free. We offer a collection of modern design themes that will completely change the look of your windows. Also you will find sets of icons, cursors or START buttons. And for a "snack" - skins for programs and animated video wallpapers, allowing you to literally revive your desktop.