About project VSThemes.org

Our site appeared on the Web back in 2015. It was branded as "Wincomm" and was a "Windows 10 community" - that's what we called ourselves. However, over time, the " hot "news about the" ten " became less and less, and the audience ceased to be so intensely interested in updates. So it was time to make a turn.

In mid-2018, we completely updated our name. The site has moved to a Russian-language domain VSThemes.ru and since then, we have decided to make a greater bias on the design. As it turns out, people really like to personalize their Windows. We noticed this earlier when we published themes for Windows 10. But more importantly, we also like it!

As a result, we have updated the design, significantly redesigned the system of sections and are currently actively engaged in customizing. In early 2019, the project received a major update. With his arrival, the site has become much more convenient and functional.

In 2020, we added a huge number of new features: collections, video demos for live wallpapers, a Premium catalog, various notifications and subscription options. We also significantly improved the design. Then we improved the convenience by adding online font viewing, listening to sound schemes, a list of files in archives, a demonstration of cursors, and much more. At the end of 2020, we decided to create an English-language version of the site and moved to an international domain VSThemes.org.

The year 2021 began with the implementation of the new Supreme status, which removes almost all restrictions and significantly exceeds the Premium status developed in 2020. Next, the bookmark system, authorization system, news publishing and file downloading were updated. After that, we added a pinning of useful comments and slightly improved the design customization options. Added new categories: skins for WindowBlinds, PotPlayer, Foobar2000; welcome and download screens; screensavers and gadgets. The author's theme generator for Discord has been created. Now anyone can create a public or private theme for their favorite client.

Now the site already has a sufficient (more than 20,000) number of files, but we do not stop and actively continue to fill it!




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