What to do if you installed a theme for Discord according to the installation instructions, but the background is not displayed.
For example, the fonts and buttons are updated, but the background is not. What then?
This problem is observed in new versions of the program. The thing is that the developers have added a light theme, which is why the CSS code has changed somewhat.

In order to solve the problem, it is enough to add the code below to your CSS file:


The code can be pasted into the Custom CSS field or a .css file. Then save the changes and, if necessary, restart the program (but usually the changes are applied immediately). In this case, the dark theme must be enabled in the program settings. Essentially, the code assigns transparency to variables that have a background in newer versions.

What if the background doesnt work in Discord themes? - QA photos
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  • Updated: 29 August 2022 17:22
  1. A new fix for the latest version of BetterDiscord. Relevant at the time of posting the response: January 15, 2022.

    /* FIX NEW YEAR - 2022 Update BetterDiscord */
    .appMount-2yBXZl {
        background-image: var(--background) !important;
        background-size: cover !important;
    .homeIcon-r0w4ny {color: transparent !important;}
    .bg-1QIAus {background-color: rgba(var(--backdrop), var(--transparencyalpha)) !important;}
    .tutorialContainer-1pL9QS .wrapper-28eC3z .childWrapper-1j_1ub {background: rgba(var(--backdrop), var(--transparencyalpha)) !important;}
    .searchBar-3TnChZ .searchBarComponent-3N7dCG,
    .theme-dark .container-2cd8Mz,
    .members-3WRCEx > div,
    .tutorialContainer-1pL9QS .wrapper-28eC3z .childWrapper-1j_1ub {
        background-color: initial !important;
    .inner-2pOSmK {
        background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2) !important;
    .container-2o3qEW {
        background: 0 0 !important;
    .theme-dark .children-3xh0VB:after,
    .theme-dark .form-3gdLxP:before {background: transparent !important;}

    It is already built into the generator base VSThemes.org and you don't need to add it to the code. Just clear the contents of the folder: %appdata%RoamingDiscord and re-install the theme.
    1. Anonymous
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      • 16 January 2022 22:33 ( > #60174) 2022-01-16 22:33
      not one of the options does not work

    2. По прежнему не работает,почему-то. Попробовал все возможные фиксы,но никакой из не помог.
      https://vsthemes.org/skins/discord/34351-monika-doki-doki-literature-club.html - тема,которую я использую 
  2. This background (https://vsthemes.org/en/skins/discord/26083-kaguya-card.html) doesn't work, even with the .theme-dark{ solution. Can you tell me if the problem is the background or not, and when will it be fixed?
  3. короче,я сделал так и у меня все заработало
        --backgroundsize: :open;
        --popoutsize: :none;
        --backdropsize: none;
    а после этого я вставил код с фиксом

  4. Не один из способов не работает (16 августа 2022 года)
  5. а что делать у меня вообще не применяется ниодна тема(

    1. вот тема https://vsthemes.org/skins/discord/51328-coven-ahri-lol-v2.html

      если что пробывал все фиксы

  6. Почему-то не желает работать тема Aurora.

    /*//META{"name":"Aurora","description":"A cozy dark theme with blurred elements and gradients. Requires BetterDiscord's Normalized classes function to be enabled.","author":"Tropical","version":"2.4.1", "website":"https://bit.ly/derealised", "source":"https://github.com/tropix126/betterDiscordStuff/blob/master/aurora/"}*//**/    
    /*Import CSS From Github*/    
    @import url('https://korbsstudio.github.io/Aurora/css/base.css');    
    /$$__ $$    
    | $$ $$ /$$ /$$ /$$$$$$ /$$$$$$ /$$$$$$ /$$$$$$    
    | $$$$$$$$| $$ | $$ /$$__ $$ /$$__ $$ /$$__ $$|____ $$    
    | $$__ $$| $$ | $$| $$ __/| $$ $$| $$ __/ /$$$$$$$    
    | $$ | $$| $$ | $$| $$ | $$ | $$| $$ /$$__ $$    
    | $$ | $$| $$$$$$/| $$ | $$$$$$/| $$ | $$$$$$$    
    |__/ |__/ ______/ |__/ ______/ |__/ _______/    
    :root {    
    /*Color Variables*/    
        --main-color: linear-gradient(150deg, var(--gradient1), var(--gradient2)); /*Accent Color of the Theme*/    
        --gradient1: #3ecc9c; /*First Gradient Color*/    
        --gradient2: #185a9d; /*Second Gradient Color*/    
        --hover-color: rgb(67, 206, 162); /*Secondary Accent of the Theme*/    
        --main-color-faded: rgba(67, 206, 162, 0.2); /*Faded Main Color*/    
    /*Backdrop Variables*/    
        --backdrop: url(https://i.imgur.com/xcjXx3E.jpg); /*Normal Backdrop*/    
        --backdropblurred: url(https://i.imgur.com/ExNrzGV.jpg); /*Darker/Blurred Version of Backdrop*/    
        --backdrop-darkness:transparent; /*Brightness of var(--backdrop);*/    
    /*Roundness Variables*/    
        --chat-avatar-roundness:5px !important; /*Roundness of chat avatars*/    
        --media-roundness:50px !important; /*General Roundness*/    
        --guild-hovered-roundness:12px !important; /*Roundness of servers on hover*/    
    /*Status Variables*/    
        --online: #43b581 !important; /*Color When someone is Online*/    
        --idle: #faa61a !important; /*Color When someone is Idle*/    
        --dnd: #f04747 !important; /*Color When someone is in Do Not Disturb*/    
        --offline: #636b75 !important; /*Color When someone is offline*/    
        --invisible: #747f8d !important; /*Color When someone is Invisible*/    
        --streaming: #643da7 !important; /*Color When someone is Streaming*/    

    При удалении комментария - код не компилируется от слова совсем... И по итогу тема не работает.
    Хотя она не работает в обоих случаях.
  7. Helllo. i just wanna say that the latest code i have seen (15 January 2022) does not work.
    is there any other codes that may work?
  8. this one doesn't work for me: https://vsthemes.org/en/skins/discord/31337-light-red-kaguya.html
    i did the same as copy and paste what you mentioned above, but they still don't take it :/

  9. The theme is enabled, but not displayed

     what to do?(

  10. Anonymous
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    • 31 January 2022 08:33 () 2022-01-31 08:33
    Hello, the discord theme does not work for me, although everything is included
  11. What if the background doesnt work in Discord themes? - QA photos this happen. Cant see the wolrd of Super mario wolrd. I turn on but all things are black color

  12. :root {
    --background-image: url(https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/701846917117771878/819272734311186524/wp4920554.png);
    --friends-icon: url(https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/966474717666905922/F880514A13BA75BA2B3D6B4FF67A16B7DEFA7A3D/);
    --friends-icon-position: center center;
    --friends-icon-zoom: 150%;
    --main-color: rgb(184, 8, 64);
    --main-transparency: rgba(8, 0, 18, 0.831);
    --channel-hover-text-color: rgb(170,0,255);
    --scroll-bar-color: #8439c67c;
    --link-colour: #e32fe6;
    --unread-text-color: #ff0066;
    --selected-text-voice-color: rgb(254, 75, 182);
    --rs-small-spacing: 1px;
    --rs-large-spacing: 2px;
    --rs-width: 2px;
    --rs-avatar-shape: 42.0%;
    --rs-online-color: #09ff00;
    --rs-idle-color: #f87c08;
    --rs-dnd-color: #fd0000;
    --rs-offline-color: #242525;
    --rs-streaming-color: #723bcf;
    --rs-invisible-color: #8b8b8b;
    --header-primary : rgb(255, 99, 255);
    --header-secondary: #d15fda;
    --text-normal: #dcddde;
    --text-muted: #a840bb;
    --text-link: #f400ec;
    --channels-default: #f6c8ff;
    --interactive-normal: #74556e;
    --interactive-hover: #b252bf;
    --interactive-active: rgb(186, 82, 174);
    --interactive-muted: #6a3c5d;
    --background-primary: #633f63;
    --background-secondary: #6f007e44;
    --background-secondary-alt: #2601229a;
    --background-tertiary: #000000;
    --background-accent: #4a0e4d;
    --background-floating: #1d0113;
    --background-mobile-primary: #36393f;
    --background-mobile-secondary: #2f3136;
    --background-modifier-hover: rgba(255, 0, 183, 0.111);
    --background-modifier-active: rgba(255, 0, 234, 0.2);
    --background-modifier-selected: rgba(255, 0, 242, 0.282);
    --background-modifier-accent: rgba(247, 0, 255, 0.06);
    --background-mentioned: rgba(250, 26, 220, 0.05);
    --background-mentioned-hover: rgba(213, 26, 250, 0.08);
    --background-message-hover: rgba(4,4,5,0.07);
    --background-help-warning: rgba(250, 26, 201, 0.1);
    --background-help-info: rgba(244, 0, 244, 0.1);
    --scrollbar-thin-thumb: var(--scrollbar-colour);
    --scrollbar-thin-track: transparent;
    --scrollbar-auto-thumb: var(--scrollbar-colour);
    --scrollbar-auto-track: var(--scrollbar-colour);
    --scrollbar-auto-scrollbar-color-thumb: #202225;
    --scrollbar-auto-scrollbar-color-track: #2f3136;
    --elevation-stroke: 0 0 0 1px rgba(104, 29, 73, 0.15);
    --elevation-low: 0 1px 0 rgba(4,4,5,0.2),0 1.5px 0 rgba(6,6,7,0.05),0 2px 0 rgba(4,4,5,0.05);
    --elevation-medium: 0 4px 4px rgba(0,0,0,0.16);
    --elevation-high: 0 8px 16px rgba(0,0,0,0.24);
    --logo-primary: #fff;
    --focus-primary: #f400f46d;
    --radio-group-dot-foreground: #e18ecc;
    --guild-header-text-shadow: 0 1px 1px rgb(255, 0, 204);
    --channeltextarea-background: #40444b;
    --activity-card-background: #202225;
    --info-warning-foreground: #fa1ad5;
    Can you please redo this code to a new version, if not difficult)
    1. This code does not have a plug-in CSS, what should I redo here, a list of parameters? 
      Plus, we don't do this kind of thing. To do this, you should contact the author of the topic/ database personally.
  13. Anonymous
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    • 23 January 2022 01:40 () 2022-01-23 01:40
    I seem blind, but the code for "transparency of variables" and does not smell, does not smell the percentage of transparency, smells only shit-format
    1. So it's from you, lol 
  14. Reinstalled the themes and reinstalled bet disc What if the background doesnt work in Discord themes? - QA photos

  15. I may be wrong, but earlier it seemed that the messages were in a darkened frame (so that the readability of the text was better), but now I don't observe this. (I may be wrong, but it seems to me that it was) And in the upper right corner there is a frame with the number of participants on the server, its background is shifted, but it's like a trifle.
    What if the background doesnt work in Discord themes? - QA photos