Super Mario World - Discord themes
Super Mario World - Discord themes
The world of Super Mario is very dangerous and vast-every player knows this. The main character's task is to save the Princess. But on the way to the castle "Mario" will be waiting for a lot of deadly dangers and strong enemies, each of which will be ready to fight to the death.

The picture shows the virtual world of Mario. Pipes, mushrooms, coins, monsters and obstacles-everything is present here at once. The bright, blue sky gradually turns into a starry night sky, but this is far from the end.
If after installing the theme "Super Mario World", the button colors and fonts have changed and the background is not displayed, be sure to read the answer to the question: " What if the background doesn't work in Discord themes? ". There you will find the solution to your problem!

The best way to install themes is to paste the code into Custom CSS. However, before doing this, be sure to delete the lines with comments (as a rule, this is the first line starting with the characters /* or //).

Custom CSS

 * @name Super_Mario_World
 * @author NFLD99
 * @version ersion auto updates
 * @description Thank you for choosing NFLD Inc!
 * @source https://github.com/NFLD99/Better-Discord
 * @website https://nfld99.com/
 * @patreon https://nfld99.com/patreon
 * @authorLink https://discordhub.com/profile/483413721876529174
 * @donate https://nfld99.com/paypal
 * @authorId 483413721876529174
 * @invite zqRpUyepHh
/* Source Code */
@import url(https://nfld99.github.io/Better-Discord/Source_Code/Master_Code.css);
/* Animations */
@import url(https://nfld99.github.io/Better-Discord/Source_Code/Addons/Use_Animations/No.css);
/* Fonts https://nfld99.github.io/Better-Discord/Font_List.txt */
@import url(https://nfld99.github.io/Better-Discord/Source_Code/Addons/Use_Fonts/No.css);
/* Settings Dock */
@import url(https://nfld99.github.io/Better-Discord/Source_Code/Addons/Use_Popup/Yes.css);
/* Channels */
@import url(https://nfld99.github.io/Better-Discord/Source_Code/Addons/Use_Hide/Channels/No.css);
/* Chat Title Bar */
@import url(https://nfld99.github.io/Better-Discord/Source_Code/Addons/Use_Hide/Chat_Title_Bar/No.css);
/* Invites */ 
@import url(https://nfld99.github.io/Better-Discord/Source_Code/Addons/Use_Hide/Invites/No.css);
/* Member List */ 
@import url(https://nfld99.github.io/Better-Discord/Source_Code/Addons/Use_Hide/Members/No.css);
/* Windows Bar */ 
@import url(https://nfld99.github.io/Better-Discord/Source_Code/Addons/Use_Hide/Windows_Bar/No.css);
/* Offline Members */ 
@import url(https://nfld99.github.io/Better-Discord/Source_Code/Addons/Use_Hide/Offline/No.css);
/* User Popout Footer */ 
@import url(https://nfld99.github.io/Better-Discord/Source_Code/Addons/Use_Hide/Popout_Footer/Yes.css);
/* Transparency Patch */ 
@import url(https://nfld99.github.io/Better-Discord/Source_Code/Addons/Use_Transparency/No.css);
/* Use Chat Bubbles By Shiz */
@import url(https://nfld99.github.io/Better-Discord/Source_Code/Addons/Use_Chat_Bubbles/No.css);
:root {
  --Main-Colour: rgba(0,248,0, 1);
  --Background-Colour: rgba(0,0,0, 1);
  --Secondary-Background-Colour: rgba(0,0,0, .3);
  --Secondary-Main-Colour: rgba(0,248,0, .5);
  --Text-Shadow-Colour: rgba(0,0,0, 1.95);
  --Scroller-Colour: rgba(0,248,0, 0);
  --Notification-Colour: rgba(0,248,0, 1);
  --Chat-Input-Background: rgba(0,0,0,0);
  --Chat-Input-Colour: var(--Main-Colour) ;
  --Unread-Message-1: var(--Main-Colour) ;
  --Unread-Message-2: var(--Background-Colour) ;
  --Chat-Background: url(https://img00.deviantart.net/03e7/i/2015/275/b/b/super_mario_world_wallpaper_by_jerry480-d9bpkjr.png);
  --Settings-Background: url(https://img00.deviantart.net/03e7/i/2015/275/b/b/super_mario_world_wallpaper_by_jerry480-d9bpkjr.png);
  --Callout-Background: url(https://img00.deviantart.net/03e7/i/2015/275/b/b/super_mario_world_wallpaper_by_jerry480-d9bpkjr.png);
  --Title-Background: var(--Background-Colour);
  --Theme-Variant: " Super Mario World";
  --Chat-Font-Used: "Whitney";
  --Chat-Font-Size: 15px;
  --Unread-Message-Speed: 1.5s;
  --Popout-Main-Colour: var(--Main-Colour);
  --Popout-Background: var(--Chat-Background);
  --Emote-Popout-Background: var(--Secondary-Background-Colour);
  --load1: "Thank You!";
  --load2: "Please Enjoy!";
  --load3: "➢NFLD99";
  --File-Updated-2020-5-24: ;
  --Settings-Dock-Colour: var(--Main-Colour);
  --Timestamp-Colour: var(--Secondary-Main-Colour);
  --Guild-Columns: 2;
  --ServerFolders-Guild-Columns: var(--Guild-Columns);
  --Chat-Avatar-Border-Radius: 10%;
  --Background-Darkness: 0.5;

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    • 20 April 2021 05:26 (#33213)
    It's wonderful one of the best themes
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    • 26 January 2021 04:35 (#25674)
    super good