Theme Tohka from Date A Live for Discord

Tohka from Date A Live
And this skin is adorned by the incomparable Toka Yatogami, a girl with long, purple hair, dressed in a school uniform - black blazer, white shirt and blue skirt. When Toka first appeared on Earth, unsealed, she was cold, unemotional. She was very wary of people because she was constantly attacked by the forces of evil from the ACT. Toka is very anxious about what's going on around her and can easily snap into a scream.

How to install files

  1. Download 12515-tohka-from-date-a-live.theme.css.
  2. If this is your first time installing a theme: install BetterDiscord
  3. Launch Discord and go to the client settings.
  4. In the "Themes" section, click "Open Theme Folder". This will open an explorer window, where you will need to move the obtained file.
  5. Go back to the client settings and apply the added skin.

Alternatively, you can install by inserting code into the Custom CSS field.

Custom CSS

 * @name Tohka_from_DateALive
 * @author NFLD99
 * @version ersion auto updates
 * @description Thank you for choosing NFLD Inc!
 * @source
 * @website
 * @patreon
 * @authorLink
 * @donate
 * @authorId 483413721876529174
 * @invite zqRpUyepHh
/* Source Code */
@import url(;
/* Animations */
@import url(;
/* Fonts */
@import url(;
/* Settings Dock */
@import url(;
/* Channels */
@import url(;
/* Chat Title Bar */
@import url(;
/* Invites */ 
@import url(;
/* Member List */ 
@import url(;
/* Windows Bar */ 
@import url(;
/* Offline Members */ 
@import url(;
/* User Popout Footer */ 
@import url(;
/* Transparency Patch */ 
@import url(;
/* Use Chat Bubbles By Shiz */
@import url(;
:root {
  --Main-Colour: rgba(253,61,253,1);
  --Background-Colour: rgba(0,0,0,1);
  --Secondary-Background-Colour: rgba(0,0,0,.3);
  --Secondary-Main-Colour: rgba(253,61,253,.5);
  --Text-Shadow-Colour: rgba(0,0,0,.45);
  --Scroller-Colour: rgba(253,61,253,0);
  --Notification-Colour: rgba(253,61,253,1);
  --Chat-Input-Background: rgba(27, 11, 11, 0);
  --Chat-Input-Colour: var(--Main-Colour) ;
  --Unread-Message-1: var(--Main-Colour) ;
  --Unread-Message-2: var(--Background-Colour) ;
  --Chat-Background: url(;
  --Settings-Background: url(;
  --Callout-Background: url(;
  --Title-Background: var(--Background-Colour);
  --Theme-Variant: " Tohka from DateALive";
  --Chat-Font-Used: "Whitney";
  --Chat-Font-Size: 15px;
  --Unread-Message-Speed: 1.5s;
  --Popout-Main-Colour: var(--Main-Colour);
  --Popout-Background: var(--Chat-Background);
  --Emote-Popout-Background: var(--Secondary-Background-Colour);
  --load1: "Thank You!";
  --load2: "Please Enjoy!";
  --load3: "➢NFLD99";
  --File-Updated-2020-5-24: ;
  --Settings-Dock-Colour: var(--Main-Colour);
  --Timestamp-Colour: var(--Secondary-Main-Colour);
  --Guild-Columns: 2;
  --ServerFolders-Guild-Columns: var(--Guild-Columns);
  --Chat-Avatar-Border-Radius: 10%;
  --Background-Darkness: 0.67;