Solyanka v1.5 (animated) - Discord themes
Solyanka v1.5 (animated) - Discord themes
Special server theme #Limonnayasolyanka
It has pleasant to the eye gradient shades and an unusual
Micro slowdowns are possible,
we do not recommend installing on a too weak PC.

Excellent lamp theme on discord in pink style. This theme will add a lot of warm colors to your pastime in this application. She also moved the server list to the top of the screen, which is quite unusual, but very unique and interesting. There is an anime character on the wallpaper that fits perfectly into the theme. However, such a wonderful topic creates small problems. Sometimes, going to discord, you can look at the beauty of this topic and will not be able to tear yourself away. This may interfere with the work.
If after installing the theme "Solyanka v1.5 (animated)", the button colors and fonts have changed and the background is not displayed, be sure to read the answer to the question: " What if the background doesn't work in Discord themes? ". There you will find the solution to your problem!

The best way to install themes is to paste the code into Custom CSS. However, before doing this, be sure to delete the lines with comments (as a rule, this is the first line starting with the characters /* or //).

Custom CSS

* @name Solyanka1.5
* @version 1.5(animated)
* @description Спасибо что установили нашу тему, не забывайте оставлять отзывы.
* @author Kopkoplimon
* @authorId 777115234229420033
* @invite 5uQz2DC
* @source
* @donate
@import url("");
@import url('');
@import url('');
:root {
--background-image: url('');
--background-image-blur: 0px;
--background-image-size: cover;
--background-image-position: center;
--popout-modal-image: url('');
--popout-modal-blur: 10px;
--popout-modal-size: cover;
--popout-modal-position: center;
--home-button-image: url('');
--home-button-size: cover;
--home-button-position: center;
--serverlist-brightness: 0.29;
--left-brightness: 0.6;
--middle-brightness: 0.29;
--right-brightness: 0.5;
--popout-modal-brightness: 0;
--gradient-primary: 101,86,93; 
--gradient-secondary: 247,90,132;
--gradient-direction: 185deg;
--tint-colour: 255,51,159;
--tint-brightness: 0;
--window-padding: 13px;
--window-roundness: 25px;
--scrollbar-colour: #ffffff0d;
--link-colour: #00b0f4;
--show-gift-gif-buttons: no-repeat;
--font: 'Whitney';
--update-notice-1: none;
--HSL-server-icon-size: 40px;
--HSL-server-spacing: 10px;
--rs-small-spacing: 1px;
--rs-medium-spacing: 1px;
--rs-large-spacing: 4px;
--rs-small-width: 2px;
--rs-medium-width: 4px;
--rs-large-width: 4px;
--rs-avatar-shape: 50%;
--rs-online-color: #43b581;
--rs-idle-color: #faa61a;
--rs-dnd-color: #f04747;
--rs-offline-color: #636b75;
--rs-streaming-color: #643da7;
--rs-invisible-color: #747f8d;
--rs-phone-visible: block;

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