Theme Grimmjow for Discord

Theme Grimmjow for Discord

How to install discord skins

  1. Download 50586-grimmjow.theme.css.
  2. If this is your first time installing a theme: install BetterDiscord.ย 
  3. Launch Discord and go to the client settings.
  4. In the "Themes" section, click "Open Theme Folder". This will open an explorer window, where you will need to move the obtained file.
  5. Go back to the client settings and apply the added skin.

Alternatively, you can install by inserting code into the Custom CSS field.

Custom CSS

 * @name Grimmjow
 * @author MauWinchester19
 * @version auto updates
 * @description Theme was created in generator
 * @source
 * @authorLink
 * @authorId 65322
@import url(;
:root {
    --transparencycolor: 0,0,0;
    --transparencyalpha: 0.2;
    --messagetransparency: 0.5;
    --guildchanneltransparency: 0.2;
    --memberlistransparency: 0;
    --accentcolor: 74,239,255;
    --background: url("");
    --backdrop: rgba(0,0,0,0.2);
    --backgroundblur: 0px;
    --popoutblur: 0px;
    --backdropblur: 0px;
    --backgroundsize: cover;
    --popoutsize: cover;
    --backdropsize: cover;
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