Rainmeter skins and widgets

Standard gadgets have unconditionally left modern versions of Windows OC. But users are not used to losing something good and therefore actively use analogues. Long before the advent of Windows 10/11, Rainmeter was one of the most popular programs among customizers. It opens up access to a huge number of functions and higher on the head of standard gadgets for Windows 7. Rainmeter can be used on almost any version of the operating system. Whether it's 10, 8, 7, Vista or even XP. She won't refuse you. But not only in their work, but also in the skins. Rainmeter skins are variants of gadgets (widgets) that fit on the desktop. They have completely different functionality and can fulfill any purpose. Some are designed to show the time or the weather, others will help to find out the load on RAM or CPU, and still others will play an exclusively cosmetic role at all - they will show some kind of image gallery or beautiful animation. The possibilities of the program are limitless and the number of ready-made skins is also difficult to count. Use it, because it's cool!
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