Soundwave visualizer - Rainmeter skins
Soundwave visualizer - Rainmeter skins
Not so long ago, we already published a skin for Rainmeter called VibratingString. It was called the "vibrating string" and, in fact, it was. Now it's time for a simpler, but no less cool alternative. "Sound wave" - this is how you can translate the name of the skin and at the same time indicate the meaning. This is a white thin line that appears smoothly in the left and smooth part of the block. When playing music, it moves in every possible way, and the name of the current track is displayed just below.
The weather widget does not work in some skins. The problem occurs where the disabled site API wxdata is used as the source. The problem is described in more detail HERE. Please go to Rainmeter skins directory and download one of the new gadgets where this issue is resolved or search for «weather works».

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