Programs for Windows design

For registration in Windows, there are not a small number of options. For example, you can change icons or cursors, as well as change the color scheme or wallpaper on the desktop. But this, perhaps, is the end of the list of features officially provided by Microsoft. How strange, users do not agree to put up with the stock interface and want to change everything for themselves. That's what programs are for. They introduce independent code into the system interface and allow you to manage what previously could not be configured. Among those, people most often install UltraUXThemePatcher - this is a patch for themes. Or Wallpaper Engine is an author's program that allows you to use animated live video wallpapers on your desktop. Another, no less frequent case is the Start10 program, which serves to replace the start button and configure the menu/taskbar. And the list of available programs does not end there! Check out this section, there are a lot of them here.
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