The page is currently unavailable.

We haven't finalized this functionality yet, but we will do it very soon. 

Task list

  1. +++ Publishing files;
  2. Private messages;
  3. Adding descriptions to pages without text;
  4. Adding Tags;
  5. Discord Generator;
  6. +++ Supreme/Premium payment page;
  7. +++ Login change for Supreme accounts.
  8. Manually deleting an account;
  9. Automatic deletion of an inactive account;
  10. +++ Possible: the cursor demonstration will be returned;
  11. Possible: public content editing will appear;
  12. Possible: an alternative download source will be added (a second server for faster file distribution).

About virtual balance

All credited (not blocked) points are saved on the balance. It is impossible to withdraw them, as before. Look at your balance too. The reason: the negative impact of sanctions on the profitability of placing ad blocks. It is likely that monetary transactions will return to the project in the future. However, it is impossible to say for sure now.