Sounds Nintendo Switch for Windows

Nintendo Switch
Have you ever used the Nintendo Switch game console? Then you will probably forever remember if not all, but at least some of its sounds! All of them are "screaming", loud and actually strongly etched into the memory, making us get goosebumps if we hear them again after many years of "silence". This set contains all the tracks, starting from the sound of errors, system start, and other conditions such as low battery.

How to install files

  1. Download and unzip nintendo_switch_windows_7__10_soundpack_by_nc3studios08-db9da59.rar.
  2. Move the folder containing the *.wav files to C:\Windows\Media.
  3. Press the Win+R key combination and type "mmsys.cpl", then press "OK". This will open the "Sound" window. You can also access it from the control panel or the settings menu.
  4. Set a melody for each state (Exclamation, Question, Closing the program, and others).
  5. Save the resulting scheme to the Windows memory (the "Save As" button), and then apply the changes with the "OK" button.
  6. The new sounds will start working immediately without rebooting the operating system.

Warning! Sounds of mp3 must be converted to wav extension.  A *.soundpack file cannot be installed using standard means. For it you will need SoundPackager program.

Video demonstration

Video Sounds Nintendo Switch for Windows

Archive contents

+ Nintendo Switch
 - account control.wav
 - asterisk.wav
 - balloon.wav
 - battery critical.wav
 - battery low.wav
 - calendar reminder.wav
 - change theme.wav
 - critical stop.wav
 - default beep.wav
 - desktop mail notify.wav
 - empty recycle bin.wav
 - exclaimation.wav
 - feed discovered.wav
 - information bar.wav
 - instant message notify.wav
 - logoff.wav
 - logon.wav
 - navigation start.wav
 - notify.wav
 - shutdown.wav
 - usb fail.wav
 - usb off.wav
 - usb on.wav