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Windows 10 themes

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Windows 7 Aero
Hu tao
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XXX SkinPack
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Vivify Red
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Star Trek
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Yor Briar
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Free desktop visual styles

Themes for Windows 10 are files that allow you to change the appearance of your desktop. First and foremost, we are talking about customizing the appearance of Explorer windows and the taskbar (start menu). Not infrequently, themes include additional components. For example, icons or cursors, as well as pictures, start buttons or skins for programs. We suggest downloading free themes for Windows 10. There are already 579 visual styles in the catalog now and it is constantly updated. With the help of search and sorting you can find the best themes to your taste and make the interface of your operating system really unique. Selections can help you make your choice - collections of files created by our users, where materials are grouped according to certain criteria.

Read about the content of the archive
Files with the extensions .theme and .msstyles are the design themes, which will allow you to change the Windows 10 interface. They should be installed in the first place, following the previously prepared instructions. Meanwhile, there may be exe installers with the prefix iPack or 7tsp in the archive - they replace the icons. There are also wallpapers - jpg, jpeg or png images. Reg are registry tweaks that make changes to the operating system kernel. Often, they help hide or show (return to the original appearance) the explorer.exe blocks, making it less functional but much more attractive. Cur and ani are designed to replace cursors. Other formats refer to third-party programs and provide for customization of different software. Lately CurtainsStyle, a style for the StarDock program of the same name, which adds its own shell on top of Microsoft, has become very famous. You can learn more about this issue at Curtains.