Theme Kimi for Windows 11

Theme Kimi for Windows 11
Cute theme for Windows 10 and Windows 11 in a modern style. The accent color is purple, used as a shade on the wallpaper, for highlighting active elements and as a second color for gradients - the scale of hard drive fullness. The window control buttons have taken on a round shape, and a tricolor is used for their design: yellow, purple and red. There are light and dark versions. The guide's header in both cases has a Fluent effect. The corners of the windows are rounded. The sidebar is always dark.

The Kimi theme is compatible with Windows 11. But also great for all versions of Windows 10, from build 1903 to 21H2.

Author: niivu

How to install files

  1. Download and unpack the archive using 7zip;
  2. If you are installing themes for the first time: Patch the system with UltraUXThemePatcher.
  3. Move the *.theme files as well as the *.msstyles folder to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes.
  4. Click in a blank area on the desktop and select "Personalization" from the context menu.
  5. Go to "Themes" and apply the added theme.
  6. The installation is now complete!

Please note! To install the Start button, Quick Access Toolbar and other resources, you will need special programs. Links to them are listed in the "Add-ons" block.

Archive contents

+ Kimi for Windows by niivu OCT 2 2021
 - Preview.png
 + Stardock Curtains
  - kimi.CurtainsStyle
  - kimi night.CurtainsStyle
 + Start Orbs
  - Kimi.orb
  - Kimi.png
 + Themes
  + Kimi
  - Kimi.msstyles
  - Kimi NA.msstyles
  - Kimi night.msstyles
  - Kimi night NA.msstyles
  + Shell
   + NormalColor
    - shellstyle.dll
  + Wallpapers
   - Kimi Day.png
   - Kimi Night.png
  - Kimi Dark.theme
  - Kimi Dark NA.theme
  - Kimi Day.theme
  - Kimi Day NA.theme
  - Kimi Night.theme
  - Kimi Night NA.theme


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