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Live wallpaper is a great way to please yourself with a new design without changing the usual elements of the operating system interface. Animated pictures, as some users call them, help to literally "enliven" the desktop. This personalization option looks fresh, but among other things attracts the views of others. For example, wallpapers with graphics are often endowed with a bright flickering effect. Sometimes, they can boast of a dark color and deep dynamic detail. Exactly like the files from the cosmos section. Videos with excerpts from anime or movies often contain memorable fragments or an image of a favorite character, which is very highly appreciated by fans of the title. Motorists, in turn, will be able to put a photo of a car on the desktop - from a well-known brand or a cool, tuned car from the game.

In the catalog you will find high-quality screensavers for widescreen screens (including 4K UltraWide) and materials designed for monitors with high pixel density (DPI). The vast majority are designed for use on a computer: running Windows, Linux or Mac OS. However, some options are suitable for installation on smartphones - for Android or Apple iPhone phones on iOS.

We recommend using the Wallpaper Engine. This program is able to run not only video formats, including mp4, but also unique scenes with shader content. In addition, it supports html documents, jаvascript scripts and exe applications. A similar offer is developed for Android and can be downloaded from the Play Market. Other options for Windows are available on a separate page, here are Programs for installing live wallpapers.
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