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Video wallpapers «Sylvanas windrunner»

Sylvanas windrunner - Games live wallpaper
Is it possible to kill hope? It is possible, at least, the former leader of the Moonlight pathfinders thinks so, now the Dark Lady, who knows neither fear nor regret, she sees only the goal to which she is going, without seeing obstacles and other people.

Such wallpapers will be appreciated by all connoisseurs of the legendary game World of Warcraft. The game has a lot of thoughtful and unforgettable characters. One of these characters is Silvana Vetroklyaya, the Dark Lady. This character has gone a long way to transform from a valiant warrior into one of the main antagonists of the series. nHer plans are vague, her actions are insidious, and her thoughts are incomprehensible. No one knows what guides her and what she will do next. nThe wallpaper depicts one of the most tragic moments: the burning of Teldrassil.

How to install «Sylvanas windrunner»?

  1. To install, download and unpack the archive 1464416607.rar;
  2. Move its contents to the program folder, which by default has the following address: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\wallpaper_engine\projects\myprojects\1464416607. But if you are using pirate, the path may be slightly different.
  3. Apply the wallpaper in the program window. To do this, select them in the list and click the blue "OK" button (learn more).

The archive contains the scene, and therefore animated it is recommended to use wallpapers only with Wallpaper Engine, but you can see others programs for setting live wallpaper.

Some equalizers require one of the additional modules to work correctly: Audio Visualizer, Simplistic Audio Visualizer or Customizable Module Visualizer - set them as normal wallpapers by unpacking them into the program folder.

File list

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+ 1464416607
 - preview.jpg
 - project.json
 - scene.pkg
 + shaders
  + blobsSM40
  - 0cfcab43d205bd2745b11355da218e2bf9434ed4.dxs
  - 6a5e0fde4a01ee99d94e166f7d38c5d152f2c1e6.dxs
  - 7b00ba21a23c863e30be9a9b38902051294d2762.dxs
  - 7f68f300095d373e7c22cddbb22b00922be4c1d3.dxs
  - 17c2a4938150c8cd48d3e8fb072494e164286e08.dxs
  - 29e22deaafc8a184bebf7de53d5ded737b12094a.dxs
  - 32c3853efc2e2facbfec0d04c47c1cac1fbeb91e.dxs
  - 815f979888d7a7d3cb622eee67d445c0fc94469b.dxs
  - 6994c979ac0a76e0ac3b909fc656115af9e45426.dxs
  - 720501608f0b71df70bd12a3da18e1d22ea5d1c7.dxs
  - a56c5b3c87fb9081c0b4846d2cd049daa80b8242.dxs
  - b87cd042fa58d446fff55574211f35bbdcb8e128.dxs
  - b606ddaefd76fac20a323874557b1957af760a55.dxs
  - bf2509f4cec9b0cfc8c5921abd5c786fa5c9c8d3.dxs
  - e8ce12a6969a7052c0cb3d5f58e0262cb8b7aec6.dxs
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